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Printed Fabric The Pattern Is More And More Colorful

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Calico is a pattern of fabric, in these printed fabrics, there are many different materials. And Calico has always been one of the most favorite fabrics, it can be used to each need to use the cloth, different printing system made products have different effects. For today's calico fabric, their pattern is more and more colorful.

Calico is used to use fabric printing paper high temperature printing and dyeing process, calico in the Tang and Song dynasties has been very popular, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Calico is popular in all levels of the crowd, but also in which period of Calico reached its peak. Once loved by people, often as a dowry bedding, clothing necessities. Calico in the founding, the production of printing cloth dyeing square reached the over, respectively distributed in the county, township and major villages and other places, each place the printing fabric business is very prosperous. Previously in the production of printing cloth, is the first white cloth into the water soaked, with miso, gypsum into paste, and hard paper to plate, engraved at the time of the pattern is usually carved flowers, birds, worms, fish and other animal and plant patterns. The carved board is then tiled on white cloth and printed with a scraper. After printing, put in VAT and dye. After the dye to take out shade, and so on after shade peeling patterns on the attachment. After the founding of the PRC, the development of textile printing and dyeing industry gradually replaced this traditional technology.

Printed cloth is generally according to the different process can be divided into transfer printing and osmotic printing two kinds. In accordance with the printing process is divided into manual printing and machine printing. Hand printing is generally through batik, tie-dye, Zaha, hand-painted, hand-plate printing process to make calico, is a more traditional handicraft. and machine printing and dyeing is through the drum printing, flat screen printing, circular screen printing, transfer printing,: Inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, flower, rotten flower, anti-dyeing, extraction, flocking printing technology. Different printing process, they printed the flower type is different.

Because the printing fabric is a patterned fabric, and its pattern is various, good-looking and stylish, breaking through the single fabric of pure color. Also greatly enrich people's material life enjoyment. The use of printed fabrics is very extensive, it can be used not only to make clothes for wear, but also to use some of the fabric in the home to use, and to modern fashion home brought a different style and characteristics. Printing cloth inexpensive, ordinary people can afford to spend, and loved by them.

Disadvantages of Printed fabrics

For traditional printing fabrics, its pattern is a single, and its color is limited, unlike the current technology leading digital printing, its patterns and colors are unrestricted, want any pattern can be printed on, and in the cotton fabric if printed on the sudden, Calico can also be used for a long time after the phenomenon of bleaching and losing color. With the development of the Times, the pattern of printing cloth every year is changing, the more line is faster, compared to the pure color fabric, its fashion is not the length of solid-colored fabrics.

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