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Oxford Fabric The Cloth Is Soft And Breathable

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Oxford Fabric also known as Oxford spinning. The traditional combed cotton fabric, which originated in the United Kingdom, was named after Oxford University. The fine combed high yarn line is used as the double warp, and the coarse weft is interwoven with the weft weight. The color is soft, soft, breathable, comfortable, and is used for shirts, sportswear and nightwear. Product varieties more fancy, there are plain, bleaching, color by Bai, color warp, in the light color bar patterns, etc., but also useful polyester yarn weaving. The related quality and performance of the fabric can be tested by the relevant testing equipment, such as tensile strength test of material tensile test machine, test strength of Peel Tester, test dyeing fastness of friction tester and thickness measurement.

Oxford Cloth Classification

Set of Oxford Cloth

Specially used for making all kinds of bags

The fabric is longitude with polyester fdy150d/36f. Fabric Application Plain weave in the Water-jet loom woven, Jingwei density for 360x210, fabric by relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatment, with thin texture, soft, waterproof, good durability and other advantages. This oxford cloth is the best and most common.

Nylon Oxford Cloth

Main production of flood control and rain protection supplies

The warp of the fabric is made of 200D nylon air filament, and the weft is made of 160D nylon air variable wire. The Department of plain weave structure, products by water-jet weaving made. Fabric after dyeing and finishing, coating process treatment, with soft, drape strong, style novel, waterproof performance and other advantages, cloth mask nylon silk gloss perception effect. Because of its good quality, novel color, deeply user favorite. The width of its cloth is 150cm, it is understood that fabrics to do not fade, deformation and other advantages based on the market. The listed color has navy, light black, Tiger yellow, dark green and other different kinds, and in accordance with the needs of customers to select a variety of different colors.

All play Oxford Cloth

Main production Bags

The fabric is made of polyester dty300d silk, the selection of coarse point changes through the empty organization in the spray-tap weaving machine interwoven. Fabric by relaxation scouring, predetermined type, alkali reduction, soft stereotypes, fabric reverse after rubber and polyester layer. Its fine texture, gloss soft, waterproof, good, the product produced by the bag is dressed as a beautiful girl pursuit of trendy pet. Its fabric width 150cm

Oxford Cloth

The main production of various bags

The fabric adopts polyester dty400d network silk, and the weft yarn is made of polyester dty wire 400D. Using the texture of the lattice, in the water spray (with faucet) weaving machine on the interweave. Fabric design Novel, unique technology, positive lattice highlight, three-dimensional strong, to become the most prominent parts of the fabric, but also in the reverse of the use of coating (PU) technology, make it more waterproof, better drape, is the production of various bags of fashion good material. The fabric width is 160cm. The listed colors are mainly black, navy, coffee series and so on.

Oxford Cloth with weft stripe

The main production of various bags

The fabric is made of polyester fdy68d/24f, weft silk adopts fdy150d/36f as raw material, weaving process is woven by weft-stripping in water-jet weaving (with multiple-arm mixer). The surface of the cloth is clear, set modernity, artistry, drape in one. Fabric dyeing, embossing or pressure delay, with a vertical sensibility, waterproof good, and other advantages. Fabric width of 160cm

The material is also used to fashion casual gray shoes, because the characteristics of the material itself to wear with a wealth of choice!

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